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  1. Astrologian (Patch 5.5) So you want to be an Astrologian? So be it! As an astrologian, you are primarily a healer, with a focus on the Mind stat. What sets an Astrologian apart from the likes of the White Mage and the Scholar is that it uses Cards to grant buffs to party members. Let's go ahead and dive in! Stats Astrologian's primary stat is Mind. This increases all of our base damage and healing. Our secondary stats are: Piety for increasing MP Regen Spell Speed for Casting Speed Determination to raise the base numbers on Damage and Healing skills. Critical Hit to increase the chance to Critical Hit Direct Hit to increase the chance to Direct Hit It is important to note that spells and abilities that function as healing are not affected by your Direct Hit. Healing spells cannot direct hit. They can, however, Critical. Direct hit is used only as a damage increasing stat, and only generally used in high-end raiding. How much Piety do I need? Only you can really get a feel for how much Piety you require on your gear. If you are having issues managing your MP over prolonged fights, you can increase your Piety via melds, food, or gear. Once you are comfortable on your MP needs, you can begin looking to the other secondary stats. What should my focus on Secondary Stats be, after Piety? Honestly, it's whatever you like. Most Astrologians will go for Critical, then Spell Speed (to tier), then Determination. In other words, once you are comfortable on Piety, you would add Savage Aim materia via Melding (through either a Crafter you know, or through the NPC inside the house), you would then focus on these secondary stats. Each piece of gear has a certain cap on these stats, for instance: You can see the Available Materia Enhancements at the bottom, along with the Current and Maximum amount of each stat added onto that item already. Healing 101 Astrologian, as of the current 5.5 patch, has the option of what kind of healer they want to be. You can behave like a White Mage or a Scholar, and sometimes both! In Diurnal stance, the Astrologian skills that have "Aspected" in front of them act as White Mage spells, granting Regen effects. Conversely, Nocturnal stance gives you Scholar-like barriers. Benefic and Benefic 2 are your primary cast-time heals, and Helios is your primary AoE heal, similar to the White Mage's Medica. I will leave the rest of the skills until the end of this section. When do I heal, and when do I damage? Primarily, you'll want to heal once HP drops below a certain threshold. One that you are comfortable with the incoming damage not killing your Tank or party member before the cast or action can complete. Generally, I only start healing once HP has dropped below 60%, but this is honestly up to your discretion. You can find your party member's HP in 2 places: In the Party HUD, and the player's Nameplate. This gives you the current HP of the party member, visually and in total. So, when you cast a healing spell, such as Benefic or, in this case, Benefic 2, you will get flying text telling you the amount of the heal, and the player's HP bar will increase by that amount: Advanced Healing Now that we have covered basic healing, let's talk about what sets the Astrologian apart from the other healers. Astrologians are masters of setup, requiring you to know the fight to get the maximum potential out of your kit. With spells such as Earthly Star, Horoscope, and Neutral Sect, knowing your healing and damaging spells becomes even more important. In this section, I will cover how to use these healing spells to maximize your potential use of your Kit to get both Damage and Healing done. Let's discuss the skills that require setup, and have cooldowns. These are Horoscope and Earthly Star. Horoscope: When you use Horoscope , gained at level 76, it places a buff on all nearby allies called Horoscope. When they then receive a heal from either Helios or Aspected Helios, this is upgraded into Horoscope Helios. Using this skill again, or allowing the timer on Horoscope Helios to run out, will cast another heal on these targets. Once you cast Horoscope, the icon will change: . The buff appears on your buff bar: . Earthly Star: Earthly Star is Astrologian's only Ground Target Area of Effect skill. Gained at level 62, when you select a target area, this spawns a zone: You will also notice that you become buffed for 9 seconds, called Earthly Dominance. Once the first 9 seconds runs out, you gain a second buff that lasts an additional 9 seconds called Giant Dominance. While you can recast Earthly Star at any point in time, the potency of the healing and damaging effects changes depending on which buff is active. Earthly Dominance will heal anyone in the zone for 540 potency from Stellar Burst, and Giant Dominance will heal for 720 potency from Stellar Explosion. This is much stronger than Helios, at 330 potency. Stellar Burst (Earthly Dominance) will also strike Enemies for 100 potency, and Stellar Explosion (Giant Dominance) will deal 150 potency. Now that you know what they do, using them becomes a bit more challenging. Both of these skills are skills that require you to know what's coming up in the fight. Earthly Star you will want to place 10 seconds before you know large AoE damage is going to be hitting your group, to give it time to charge up to Giant Dominance/Stellar Explosion. Emergency Healing OH NO! Someone's down to 15% or less of their HP! The Group's going to wipe! Worry not. Astrologian does have a few things to help when it comes to Emergencies. Essential Dignity is our version of Lustrate/Tetragrammaton/Benediction. The lower a target's HP is, the larger the healing from this skill becomes. It's a single target heal, just as the aforementioned ones, so it becomes useful on the tank or as an emergency heal for someone else. Lots of Incoming AoE Damage Celestial Opposition is a fantastic option when more AoE healing is required. Depending on your stance, this gives a heal and regen, or a heal and shields, and is an instant cast, off the global cooldown. This means you can use it between other instant cast spells, or while under Lightspeed. Recent changes to Collective Unconscious as well have made this an excellent option! for AoE healing. This reduces damage taken and gives a regeneration effect. Because of the changes, these effects are applied instantly to anyone already in the field when you activate the spell, or that move into the field after activation. Besides that, it's Yshtola's dome. What's not to like? The benefit here is that you can cast it, and stay in place to continue to provide the Mitigation benefit, or move (which breaks the cast) and still get the Regen benefit. The Cards, The Cards, The Cards Will Tell This is the Astrologian's main draw. It's primary mechanic. Drawing Cards, and placing those cards onto the right teammates, will increase the party's damage significantly. Each card drawn has a few different things attached to it that you want to watch out for. This is where our Job Gauge becomes extremely useful: This Gauge shows you the currently drawn card, and it's Seal of Arcana (in this case, the Star seal). There are 3 seals, tied to 6 cards. The seal on each card will never change, and these are: Sun Seal: Balance and Bole Earth Seal: Spear and Spire Moon Seal: Arrow and Ewer Additionally, the color of the outline of the card, a Blue-Green here, depicts what class this card buffs better. All of the cards have a set of classes they preferentially buff. The Blue-Green are for the Melee classes, while the Purple are for the Ranged classes: While in combat, using a card will place that card's Seal of Arcana into the top bar, as you see the Spear's Earth Seal slotted into one of the diamonds. It is generally a good idea to get all 3 seal types into this area before activating your level 50 spell, Divination, but not required to do so. Once you have at least 3 seals, you can activate Divination (1 seal type, for instance all Moon, will grant a 4% increase in damage for the entire party, 2 seal types, for instance 1 moon and 2 earth, will give 5%, and 3 different seal types will give a 6% increase). Just like your healing spells, Divination also has a range, equal to your Helios spell, of who it applies to. Astrologian will take some practice and getting used to the actions of Draw, Play (Which distributes the current card onto your target), or using Redraw to get a different card or seal before you will get a 3-seal Divination every time. Don't be afraid of tossing cards (Using your Lord/Lady cards on the appropriate DPS, Lady goes on Ranged, Lord goes on Melee!), or redrawing. Eventually, at level 70, you will also get Sleeve Draw, which gives you an arcanum card with a Seal of Arcanum that you do not already have active. Used when you have 2 different seals to grab that 3rd seal and get a divination out at the start of the fight. Another thing to note about using Draw is that it also returns MP to you. Using Draw and your role ability Lucid Dreaming (usually when your MP falls below 70-75% so it is back up when you reach about this level again), will ensure you are kept topped up.

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