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Guild Rules

Be Polite

All guild members should be polite and respectful. This applies not only with one another, but with the community. Trolling, griefing, and the like won't be tolerated.

Humor in Moderation

Humor is not only welcome, it's encouraged. Offensive humor, however, is not acceptable at any level. This includes humor based on racism, LGBT+phobia, antisemitism, and their ilk.

Adult Language

We are a gaming community of 18+, and we expect our members to act in a manner that portrays that. Whilst we do allow for adult language, please bear in mind other's tolerances, and use it sparingly.

Give What You Take

Because our goal is to be a community of friends, try to return favors in kind. If someone offers to do something for you, be willing to return the favor.

Real Life takes Priority

We understand that real life exists (hell, we live in it too). Members should focus on their real life obligations before game obligations or promises.

Have Fun

That is the goal of the game, after all. If we can't have fun, what would be the point of playing?

Our Guides

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