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  • How to change your Chocobo's color

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    Changing your Chocobo's color in Final Fantasy XIV can be a bit convoluted, so we've made this easy, step-by-step guide to try and take the guesswork out of dying your chicken. Changing the color of your chocobo isn't an exact science. Even if you follow the steps of this guide to the letter, your chocobo may not end up the exact color that you are hoping it to be. However, it should be only a step or two away from the color of your dreams.

    Changing color is based around feeding your chocobo different foods in a specific way. These foods are: Doman Plum, Xelphatol Apple, Mamook Pear, O'Ghomoro Berries, Valfruit, and Cieldalaes Pineapple. There is also the Han Lemon which will reset the chocobo color back to default.

    Step 1

    Before you even start the process of changing your chocobo's color, you'll have to decide what color you want to make it! All personal chocobos start as Desert Yellow. From here, you can use the handy Chocobo Color Calculator to work out what steps you need to take to change the color.

    Step 2

    You'll have to stable your chocobo in either the free company stables, or a stable in your personal house (should you be lucky enough to have one!). Once your chocobo is stabled, you can right-click on the stable to Tend to your Chocobo. Next, select the Feed Chocobo option. This will allow you to select the food that you want to feed to your chocobo in order to change its colour.

    chocobo-color-tend.jpg.78668dad720d21db3dbdc2a3400171a9.jpg   chocobo-color-feed.jpg.58e401b9f4017247201c201518192868.jpg

    Step 3

    Now it's time to select your food! Following the feeding order on the Chocobo Color Calculator, feed your chocobo the color changing food. After a while, you will get the message Plumage change possible.


    After this point, your chocobo must remain in the stables until the time expires. If you Fetch your chocobo early, the color change will fail. You don't have to be online for this to work.

    Step 4

    When the timer has expired, you can now remove your chocobo from the stable and you'll get a nice little cutscene to show you the new color of your best avian friend!

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