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Free Company Ranks

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Hi all, this topic will explain what each of our ranks are, and how you achieve those ranks.


This rank is limited to myself and denotes the leader of the free company.


This rank is limited to co-leader Venthas and alt characters of the two free company leaders. This rank will not be given out.


This is the moderator rank both in-game and on the forums and discord. This is a trusted rank that will be offered, and we are not accepting applications for this rank.

There is a variety of things we look for in a potential Overseer, some of these are qualities such as, but not limited to: a regular face in free company chat, someone who helps other members with queries as well as dungeons and other in-game content, and someone who is knowledgeable about in-game content. 

Members of this rank will be able to invite new players to the free company, accept free company applications, and promote members to Smith or Arms Tester. At extremes where there is no other option, Overseers are able to dismiss members from the free company. Unless in extreme emergencies, this action will always be discussed with a Forgemaster first. Overseers will also be responsible for maintaining the free company action schedule in the absence of a Forgemaster. Overseers will have full access to tabs 1, 2, and 3 of the free company chest, as well as full access to crystals. Overseers may also make use of free company gardens to plant and harvest crops. Project progression and material delivery are also permissions allowed for Overseers in the free company workshop. Lastly, Overseers will also be responsible for deploying free company airships and submersibles in the absence of a Forgemaster.

armstester.png.be8ddfaf133049856602ba851467c4fe.pngArms Tester

This rank is for raiders within the free company. It allows for inviting new players to the free company, full access to tabs 1 and 2 of the free company chest, as well as deposit permissions into tab 3.

To progress to this rank, you must be a member of (one of) the free company raiding team(s).


Smiths are the confirmed members of the free company. To obtain this rank, you must have registered on both the free company website and discord server.

This rank allows for inviting new players to the free company,


This is the default rank of the free company. All new members start as apprentices.

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