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  3. Venthas

    Raid Etiquette

    Raid Etiquette So, you've decided to become a raider! Congratulations! First off, welcome to raiding with ForgeBorne, we look forward to having you with us. Before starting raid, there are a few guidelines we'd like to go over. These will cover things like pre-raid duties, expectations during raid, and other general items. 1. Pre-Raid: Pre-raid covers everything that happens prior to entering a raid, including the few minutes leading up to the raid group formation. During this period, you can take the time to experience Stone, Sea, and Sky in Palaka's Stand (Ilsabard) to ensure that your DPS is sufficient to clear the current raid tier. If you need to, this is the time to tweak your materia melds, gear, and work on your rotations. Keep in mind that SSS is basically a Raid Dummy, and allows you to stand still while working on your rotation. Try to aim for clearing this mode with at least 30 seconds left. Once you are able to clear SSS, you should generally be set for the raid itself. The second thing to do during this period is collect the consumable items you will need for raid. This covers both food and potions. For the 6.0 raid tier, this is: Pumpkin Pottage - The best Crit/Det food available. Grade 6 Tinctures: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Mind. While there is a Vitality tincture, this is a relatively unused potion as it does not contribute to overall DPS. It is mainly used for those who are slightly under-geared to survive certain mechanics. If you have your crafters at level 80, you may wish to bring some Grade 8 Dark Matter, so that you may repair your gear. If not, be sure to repair your gear. If you want to, you can watch and review videos of clears to familiarize yourself with mechanics before hand. While this is helpful, it's not necessarily expected of everyone. Some of us (Venthas included) do like to raid "blind". 2. On Raid Days With raid days, please show up 15 minutes prior to the scheduled raid time. This allows the raid leader(s) to know who is available and allows time to form the team. For raids, you will need to be on Discord, even if you don't want to talk. We will be going over mechanics as we experience them, planning things such as cooldowns, strategies, and the like. During pulls, however, keep communication to a minimum so that raid calls can be made. As the raid leader, Venthas (for Raid Team 1) will be performing the important mechanic callouts during raid. This may also include being asked to pick up a duty of a downed member (For instance, if the Main Tank goes down, the Off Tank will be called to "voke"). It is important to know that mistakes will happen. This is alright and acceptable! Don't be afraid to admit to mistakes. This is progression into kills with a new static group. When a wipe happens, it's important to discuss what went wrong and where, the mechanic that caused it, and how to avoid it in the future. If you have a question about a mechanic, absolutely feel free to ask and discuss it before a pull. There will be periodic breaks called during raid. Usually every hour to every hour and a half. These are a quick time (usually around 5 to 10 minutes) to step away from the computer, use the rest room, grab a drink. Think of it as a time away from the raid to cool off and refocus. In all, remember that we are here to have fun!
  4. Atticus

    Extreme Trial Mount Runs

    We will be running members through extreme trials in order to obtain their trial mounts! Levels 50, 60, 70, and 80 trials will be run. Level 90 trials will not be run during these events due to their complexity, these will be a separate event at a later date once gearing makes them more forgiving. This event will be focusing on Level 60 trials. Please ensure the following trials are unlocked before joining for this event: The Limitless Blue (Extreme) Thok ast Thok (Extreme) The Minstrel's Ballad: Thordan's Reign The Minstrel's Ballad: Nidhogg's Rage Containment Bay S1T7 (Extreme) Containment Bay P1T6 (Extreme) Containment Bay Z1T9 (Extreme) Please RSVP below should you wish to join!
  5. As Raid Team 1 is now full, we will begin recruitment for Raid Team 2. Times and days are to be confirmed. Main Tank: Off Tank: Melee DPS 1: Melee DPS 2: Ranged Melee: Magic DPS: Pure Healer: Shield Healer: Please comment your interest below, thanks!
  6. until
    Running the first four wings of Pandæmonium.
  7. Atticus

    Release of 6.05

    Exact time and date will be updated when information is released. This release sees the unlock of the Savage Mode of Pandæmonium. It will also add the Tomestones of Astronomy, these tomestones will be capped at 450 per week.
  8. Atticus

    Release of 6.01

    Exact time and date will be updated when information is released. This release will see the Normal Mode of Pandæmonium which is theorised to drop item level 580 gear, this will be very important for those wishing to raid the extreme mode. No other major content is announced for this release.
  9. Alright. Looks like we have 1 tank and 1 melee slot left.
  10. Hi! I would like to join. I main Bard - that's also the only one that I've got to lvl 80 so far 😅
  11. I'll probably be playing Reaper/Dragoon and maybe Samurai so you can count on me as melee dps, I'll be going giga tryhard on most of the content Endwalker has to offer so I hope I get to be helpful!
  12. Hi hi ^^ Would also like to join - would be playing magic dps with SMN (or RDM if I hate the new SMN). Could also play AST if that is necessary. But prefer magic 🙂
  13. Would love to be considered for this! Current mains, and expected plan to be the first ones raid ready: White Mage for Pure Healer/Bard for Phys. Ranged. I'll focus on whichever is needed. WHM would be preferred, but will happily do BRD if there's fierce competition for the remaining healer spot 🙂
  14. Hello everyone! With Endwalker right around the corner, K'aio and I are going to start recruitment for our first official raid team. Name: Raid Team 1 (renamed later) Time: 9am - 12pm EST/14:00 - 17:00 GMT/15:00 - 18:00 CET Days: Saturday/Sunday Players: Tank 1: K'aio Tia (PLD) Tank 2: Lamamo (WAR) Pure Healer: Eroda (WHM) Shield Healer: Venthas Drakskyr (SGE) Melee 1: Velenir (RPR/DRG/SAM) Melee 2: Magic Weaver (MNK) Phys. Ranged: Neoma (BRD) Magic Ranged: Abby (SMN) If you'd like to apply for a position in this raid team, get in touch with K'aio or Venthas, or post to this thread.
  15. Venthas

    Endwalker - Early Access

    Going to be leveling Sage day 1.
  16. Atticus

    Endwalker Patch Note Reading

    Audio is Japanese-only.
  17. Atticus

    FFXIV Weekly Reset

    On the weekly reset, the following resets: Cap on Allagan Tomestones of Revelation Weekly repeatable quests Blue Mage/Masked Carnival Weekly Targets PvP Weekly Performance Challenge Log challenges A new Wondrous Tails journal is available Faux Hollows availability Custom deliveries allowances/individual allowances Doman Enclave Reconstruction Effort donations Adventurer Squadron Priority mission Fashion Report
  18. Atticus

    Heavensward Mount Runs

    Time to get those birbs!
  19. until
  20. More Endwalker info coming your way! Yoshi-P and the gang will be sharing new information on updates relating to crafting and gathering, some new system-related adjustments, and new PvP updates!
  21. More new information about Endwalker! This time we should get some new info about the job updates and changes coming in Endwalker. Hopefully they'll drop the job actions trailer as well!
  22. Goemon

    A Realm Reborn Mount Runs!


    Am in
  23. Atticus

    A Realm Reborn Mount Runs!

    Venthas and K'aio will be running people through the original primals to get their glowing horse mounts! Anyone over level 50 is welcome!
  24. Atticus

    A Realm Reborn Mount Runs!

    Venthas and K'aio will be running people through the original primals to get their glowing horse mounts! Anyone over level 50 is welcome!
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